Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Too Busy!

Well, it's really hard to manage my time now since I am already working and at the same time managing my own business. It's too hard to do two things at a time but I have no squawk about it. Anyways, as I've said in my previous blog...I'm already working in Jollibee as a Management Trainee. I'm still on probation since I have to pass the 3 month long training plus another 3 months for "regularization." The training is really difficult but I am learning a lot from it. About the Tutorial business, as far as I can remember I already have 14 tutees in the center. I am praying that by the time July ends, I will have more than 15 tutees. I am still not earning so much from it but "in God's time" I know that I'll get back the money I invested to this business. Hope everything will work out fine.

By the way, if you need tutors just let me know (I don't have home service tutors. They are only based in the center in Las Pinas) I will give you a discount per month.

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