Sunday, October 7, 2007

Goodbye Tita Lorna

It was on the night of September 26th when I received a text from one of my cousins, Ivy. She told me that my aunt, her mom, was in the hospital and had stroke. I thought it was just a mild stroke until I was able to talk to my uncle who said that my aunt was in a very critical condition. It was a shocking moment for me when he added that my aunt is dying. Never had I seen my aunt cried or complain about her health except the past few weeks when she texted and told me that she can't go to the center and process the BIR forms. I kept on texting my aunt telling her to go to the hospital at that time and have a check up. She always say that she was okay. So I believed her...but this time, its different.

I was at the center in Las Pinas when I heard the news about my aunt's serious condition. So then, with Erwin, we went to the Mandaluyong Medical Hospital and saw my aunt lying in bed at the Emergency room. She looks so tired and in coma. I cant really recall, but I saw my cousin pumping the manual oxygen so that my aunt could breathe. I felt so weak at that time, had all tears in my eyes. It was too painful to see my aunt like that. The doctor told us (he keeps on saying this) that there's no way that my aunt will survive this...she no longer has reflexes and her brain is filled with blood already. She had aneurysm, a deadly and serious condition. I kept on telling my dad to transfer her to another hospital for an operation but the doctor keeps on telling us that there's no hope. I felt so angry at the doctor, especially the entire administration of the hospital. My aunt was in need of serious treatment but none of them did any action to bring her back. She wasn't even given an immediate oxygen at the ER. It took more than 6 hours before the hospital could provide her with an oxygen tank. I left at around 2 am, the following day because I have work. I texted my cousin, Ivy and told me that the transfer at UERM Hospital has been approved but my cousin still has to bring the referral form to the hospital before they could transfer my aunt. What a crap! My aunt is dying and still they have to do this kind of process? It was a terrible day.

I don't really know what time they've transferred my aunt in UERM but I know for sure that it was too late. After the work, I immediately went straight to UERM and saw my aunt there still in coma. My cousin, Leander told me that my aunt is dying and that there's no hope. We was too painful for all of us. Tita was a very strong person. She was always a fighter...never surrendered in any battles of life. She's one of the best aunts I have. She always greets me on my birthday and sometimes brings Puto Pao on my birthdays or whatever special occasion would that be. We love her so much.

It only lasted around 2 aunt passed away without even saying a word. She just waited for her mom, my Lola at around 10 am of September 28 before she finally gave up. She was a special person to all of us. Never complaining...

If there's one person I really admire most, that would be my Tita Lorna..a true fighter since the day she was born. I love you Tita Lorna and I will never forget you. You will always remain in our hearts. Goodbye but not forever.

This is the first time I celebrated my birthday without you texting me. I will really miss you and hope you are happy wherever you are.

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