Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lonely and Sad

Wow...time is really fast. You were just waiting for the New Year's Eve to come, then the next thing you know...January of the new year has almost ended. It's like time wants to fast track your life that it wants to let you die sooner. Hahaha...what a sad thing to think about. Anyways, I'm just sitting here in front of my laptop trying to think of what to type.

To be honest, I feel so damn lonely and sad. Lonely because I have been longing for my special someone who is based in Hawaii for a long time. I haven't seen my partner for a couple of months already. I miss spending time and being with my partner all throughout the day. There's never a dull moment in my life when I am with my partner. I always feel satisfied whenever I am with my special someone.

I feel sad because I keep on thinking about my Aunt who passed away last year. I love her so much and miss her a lot. Life has been different for all of us since she died. She was the only person I used to go to whenever I have problems. I love her so much. Tita Lorna, I miss you.

So...well, you know how I feel right now. I dont know what to do this time.

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