Tuesday, November 25, 2008

All Alone Again, Goodbye Ate Ono

Month of November is nearly saying goodbye to us all and December, Christmas and New Year's day are almost coming...but that will not change the way my life is right now. I am still alone and lonely.

Just two days ago, one of my dear cousin's wife died of cancer. She was close to the family and especially me. I never saw her crying nor angry. She was the best cousin-in-law I have ever had in my life. Now that she's gone, things will not be the same again as before...just the same changes that had happened to my life after my Aunt Lorna died last year. It's really painful but I have to accept it. I know that she is happy now and that there's no more pain that would ever hurt her. I will miss you Ate Ono. May her soul be blessed and rest in peace.

Not making sense again...but I am really lonely.

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