Monday, December 15, 2008

The Zamora-Diaresco Nuptial

I just arrived last night from my friend's wedding in Nueva Ecija. Gina Zamora, one of my closest friends in UP just got married to Doney Adrian Diaresco, a very nice man, yesterday at around 3 PM. I was there to witness it and I had sung at least 4 songs during the wedding rites. It was a memorable one as I saw the groom and bride exchanging vows with a smile and with wet cheeks and eyes due to tears of joy. It was really a great day for them and for my UP Barkada. Now, two of my best of friends from UP are married...I still have me and Imee, Ailyn, Aileen, Maila and Shereen on roll call for marriage. Hehehe. I'm guessing its going to be Ailyn.

Anyways, congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Diaresco. I wish you both a happy marriage life and I'll expect to see my godchild soon. Love you guys!

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