Thursday, January 1, 2009

First two hours of the very first day of New Year!

First day of New Year...

I am already here in the condo, just arrived from Mandaluyong...celebrated New Year's Eve with my family. We weren't complete because my brother is still at work in Shangrila Hotel Edsa. This New Year's Eve is really different from the past years. It's not as exciting as before...somewhat gloomy. My cousin-in-law just recently died and we are still grieving. My Tita Lorna is no longer with was raining...I guess, until now it is raining. People did not buy lots of firecrackers as compared before. Dad only prepared small servings of food. Its really different...this is the only time I did not take any pictures of us celebrating the New Year. Gosh...I hope our new year isn't as gloomy as our New Year's Eve.

I left our house at around 1 AM. Had a chance to say goodbye to everyone before they all started to sleep. I said goodbye to my Lola Coring. She told me she might go abroad soon...I know what she means by it so I told her not to say it. I told her to promise me that she will still live for more years. I felt so nervous and sad when she told me she might "go abroad." But then, she promised me she won't surrender. I love her so much.

I really don't know whether or not there's still something I need to celebrate today. Eversince Tita Lorna died, things felt different, things for me are no longer as wonderful and happy as before. I don't want to lose anyone anymore. They are all important to me and I love them so much.

Enough of the dramas...Happy New Year to all!

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