Monday, March 2, 2009

3-Day Black Out!!!

I arrived late at night last Friday...was not expecting something surprising will happen. Well, I opened my window in the condo...turned on the lights but nothing lit up. I thought that something was wrong with the light bulbs so I went straight to my room and turned on the light. Nothing then I concluded that MERALCO had disconnected my electric/power supply which was then confirmed by the letter I saw in my mailbox later that evening. I felt bad. It was my fault because I did not pay my electric bill before due time. It was something that I really intended to happen...something that I really would love to experience.

Well, it was a 3-night long nightmare for me without power supply. I cant watch tv, cant even turn on my laptop to browse through the internet and lastly, dont have an aircon or electric fan to use. It was hot in the room so I had to open the door in the terrace so that the cool breeze could at least come inside the room. It was really the worse days of my life and I promised to myself that it wont happen to me anymore.

Now, I am back to my normal life. Had paid the electric bill this afternoon and MERALCO immediately went into the condo to reconnect their service in my unit. Haayy...

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