Friday, May 25, 2007

Congratulations, my friend!

After a long, long time of guessing and waiting, one of my close friends in my UP Barkada circle will be getting married this coming July. We are 8 in the barkada and all of us are still single but in a relationship and not getting any younger. Everytime we meet, the first topic that comes out in our mind is "who's going to marry first?" Then we end up guessing and guessing...Well, its always in our topic whenever we set a get-together, reunion, birthday party and what have you. It's quite surprising because I didn't guess it right.

Anyways, to everdearest friend, Congratulations! I am a bit nervous because its my first time to be an "abay" in a wedding ceremony. But for you, my sister, I will do my best. Hahaha. I am preparing all the songs that you want me to sing for your wedding. Hope everyone will love the song, especially you and Neil. I am really happy for you, guys!

Now, who's next? I am 100% sure, it ain't me.

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