Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Too Stressed

I am too stressed with lots of things. Aside from me not being able to sleep during the night due to insomnia, I have lots of things in my mind that makes me awake everyday. Business is still okay and as expected for this month, we only have less than 5 tutees who needed "advance learning". I just hope that we'll have more than 10 tutees this coming school year.

I am really stressed because I have other obligations I needed to do aside from handling my own business and taking care of all the expenses at the center. Once you grow older, things get a lot more complicated. I dont believe anyone can live a simple and not so complicated life. We all have a very complex life. Sometimes I want to give up with all the stresses and just stay in the condo to sleep and eat and watch tv but I can't. Staying in the condo by myself...alone, will just drive me nuts! That's why I always spend time with my friends so that I could at least forget all the stresses in my life, my problems in life.

Haayyy...its really nice to be a child again. You'll only think of playing with your friends, watching your favorite cartoon tv shows, eating at a fast food restaurant and not worrying of how you would be able to pay for it since your parents will take care of the bill, and waiting for Christmas to come. Things are a lot different now. Lots of responsibilities and obligations that you can't just ignore.

Good thing, I have lots of friends that I can lean on...parents and a brother who are very supportive and a partner who is very nice, patient, supportive and loving. Haayy...I need a massage.

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Jessie B. Landingin said...

Stress is a normal part of everyday life. It can be both good or bad. Avoid stress to reach it's danger zone for it may cause a number of chronic health perplexities.It's good a have new born daughter (Jessreel). Tickling her everyday cast the stress away!!! Ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!