Friday, June 8, 2007

Cheap Phone...

I bought a Nokia 1110i last December for my Globe simcard and for my love to use whenever my love is here in Manila. It was just a cheap phone that I bought at Robinsons Malate, I think it was less than P 2,500. The phone was thin and very light so I loved it so much.

Now, its no longer working. I thought of having it repaired but I guess it would cost a lot so I'd rather buy a new one. How I wish there is still an available Nokia's one of the best phones of Nokia. It has a hard body that won't break even if you throw it away.

Well, if in case you know someone who is selling a Nokia 3210, please let me know. I will buy it! And as for my Nokia 1110i, I'll still have it repaired but not at this time.

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