Sunday, June 24, 2007

High Blood Pressure

I just had my medical examination last Thursday, June 21st in Manila and I realized two things...that I am getting older and fatter.

The doctor who checked my blood pressure during my medical examination told me that I have high blood pressure. As far as I can remember, its 140/100 which is above the normal range. When I was in college, the normal range was 140/90...I'm not sure about these days. Anyways, the doctor got surprised about it so he asked me to relax a bit, around 30 minutes then he'll check again my BP. I just waited outside his office and seated at a nearby sofa in the clinic. Then after 30 minutes, the doctor called me and checked my BP again and got even more surprised because it went higher. He told me that I might be nervous...and I admitted that I was a bit nervous because I haven't had my medical examination for 2 years already. So what he did is to just advice me to eat a balance diet, less salt and less cholesterol or fat. He even asked me to exercise. I said yes...


Well, it's been 3 days already since I had that medical examination. I just arrived from San Leonardo, Nueva Ecija today. I had to go there and practice the songs I will sing on Princess' wedding. I only stayed there for one night but I feel like I have gained more weight since all I did there was to eat and eat and eat. I can't control myself from eating.'s really hard but I'll try my best to do a diet plan for myself. What's the use of my license if I can't even apply it to myself. I'll start going to the gym too to trim a bit of my fat.

I am turning 27 come October 5th and there are lots of dreams I still want to achieve. But my lifestyle isn't healthy for me so I have to be more careful if I want to live longer and achieve all those dreams. Good luck to me!!!

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