Monday, August 13, 2007

The Worst Day Ever

Have you ever had a worst day in your life? I mean, having experienced all (not really all but some) unfortunate things in your life? Well, i had my share just yesterday, August 11th. My bosses, crews from Jollibee and I went to Villa Azucena in Sta. Rita, Pampanga last August 10th. We only rented an L300 and one jeepney to accomodate, I guess more than 25 passengers. Anyways, we were able to reach the resort smoothly and arrived there at around 9, evening of August 10th. All activities were executed as planned and everything went well.

We all had a great time in the activities. We finished all the activities at around 3 am of August 11th. Some went to sleep and some went to sing videoke (Me, included!) We were supposed to go home at 6 am but there were things that we need to fix first so our departure time was delayed. The driver of the jeepney was really in a hurry...but I never saw him check his vehicle while we were still having some discussion with the bosses before we leave.

So...then we went ahead. I thought everything will work out fine but things went worst. It was just a couple of minutes drive from the resort when the jeepney stopped because of empty gas. I just ignored it. Fortunately, we were just a few meters away from the gas station when the jeepney stopped. So all the guys from the jeepney pushed the vehicle up to the gas station. We were all sweating when we reached the gas station. The driver didnt notice it but he just found out that something was leaking from the jeepney. I dont really know what it was but he said that we have to refill the gas, that's all we need. We stayed in the gas station for almost 30 minutes because the driver was fixing something in the jeepney. I was hungry and thirsty at that time.

After 30 minutes, I guess, we left the gas station. I thought again that all things will work out fine. But suddenly the driver decided not to take the NLEX way because of the leaking "crude oil" from the jeepney. The jeepney cant even go up the flyover because of that. So he used an alternative route...I was having a bad migraine at that time already so I didnt really notice which route we used but it was like a field trip on all towns of Bulacan. The driver wasnt really familiar with the route he took so he kept on asking a lot of jeepney drivers in Bulacan which way to go. All the passangers were too dehydrated because of the hot weather, plus one of the crew wasnt feeling well, me having a migraine, and people were all too hungry because we werent able to eat breakfast before leaving Pampanga. It really pissed me off. It was too traffic in Bulacan so the driver decided to use the NLEX route already. Suddenly, the jeepney stopped again because of the leaking "crude oil." Fortunately again (well, even if that was the worst day ever, God, I guess was helping us to reach Manila safely) we stopped just near the gas station. Again we pushed the jeepney with the help of some of the NLEX construction workers (I think) up to the gas station. So the driver fixed everything again and again.

After that last gas station where we stopped, the driver drove so fast that I didnt even notice that we were already in Manila. I guess because of my migraine, plus sleeping...I wasnt able to see where we were going. So we arrived at Jollibee PGH-Taft at around 10:30 am. All of us were cursing the day and everything that has happened to us. We were too exhausted and tired. But we have to move on...some even have a duty at Jollibee and they were already late for their duty. I immediately went home after reaching Pedro Gil. Then when I reached the condo, I immediately went to bed. I slept and woke up at around 9pm. I wasnt even able to go to the church.

Haayyy...there are things that we learned from this...that is to rent a good vehicle even if its too expensive. I just found out that this thing didnt happen once. When they had an activity before (I wasnt working/training in Jollibee at that time yet) one of the vehicles they used stopped also because of certain reasons. The vehicles that they used were the same vehicles we used for the trip.

This is all for now. Wish you all good luck!

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