Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Feeling Lucky

Have you ever felt lucky...as if everything you do makes you so damn perfect? Have you ever felt like going to a lottery stand and put a bet on the numbers you think will win for the day? Have you ever felt happy the entire day without worrying on anything?

Well, I never felt all things at the same time...I mean, sometimes I feel so lucky that it makes me so happy and damn perfect the whole day. But never I felt so lucky in gambling (I have never won any betting games, not even getting prizes in any of the raffle draws I've joined) not until today. It's been, I guess a couple of days already since I felt like going to a lottery stand and bet on whatever numbers pop out in my mind. I've been wanting to go to a lottery stand but I dont know how to bet. I am too shy to go there too since I dont want to look so innocent about it. Well, I will try once...at least I'm of legal age already to gamble (hahaha!) If in case I'll win, you will know in the television. I'll just have to follow my intuition...

Until my next blog!

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