Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fun Time Pic

Recently, my Dining Team and I had our picture taking at the store. I actually arrived late for the pictorial...anyways, that was my first time to be late in our scheduled affairs/meetings. I was surprised when I saw all the Dining crews waiting for me...too unusual for them since I always wait for them and not them waiting for me. Hehehe. The pics were taken by one of our Smart crews...thanks Mikee. All the crews were excited to have our pictures taken and fortunately, all pics went well. I had two of them developed already and will be posted in our log book. Hopefully, probably next month, I'll be posting it in our own Dining Team Bulletin Board.

Thanks guys for coming in to the pictorial even if most of you guys have a late shift at that time or some doesnt even have work at that time. I really appreciate all the efforts for coming. Thank you so much.


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