Thursday, August 7, 2008

Letting Go...Goodbye FOG!

It was just last February of 2007 when I opened my very first business, FOG Tutorial Center. It felt good opening a business that I will say, I really own. Things went out fine...we had a couple of tutees and I had my friends who worked there as tutors. We were able to celebrate our first year, that was February 14th were most of the lovers roam around the malls or other romantic places. The celebration wasn't that big but we did however enjoy it. It was fun. Most of the tutees were there and all the tutors were there. I really miss that day.

Well, now the time has come...the time I never dreamt of coming. Effective 15th of August 2008, FOG Tutorial Center will be closed. I have finally decided to totally close it due to many reasons. I will miss the center. I will miss everything about it. But I will treasure everything that I have learned from my first business. I will never forget all the people who have helped me and who have stayed with me through the worst and best days in the center. Thanks Christine and Rhea for being there for the center and never gave up on teaching the kids. Thanks Erwin for managing the center for a year and helping me out with all the planning. Thanks Leo for inspiring me to start a business. Thanks to all the parents who trusted us with their kids...Mrs. Castillo, Mrs. Tenederos, Mrs. Tan, Mrs. Gavino, Mrs. Cruz and to the other parents who stayed with us for either a couple of weeks or months. I really appreciate everything you did for the center and for me. I love you guys!

Again, now is the time to say goodbye. Even if its too painful, I have to say goodbye.

Paalam FOG Tutorial Center!

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