Sunday, July 20, 2008

Different types of Customers

I have been in the food industry for a year now...just celebrated my first year last July 10th. Anyways, within the year I have encountered a lot of challenging customers. Most of them will just shout at you and will curse you to death. Some will just approach you and quietly introduce themselves as VIP and ask for special treatment. Some will smile at you and some, deadpan.

I just had one encounter over the phone with one customer a couple of hours ago. She was claiming that there are two missing items in her order. I told her that I personally checked it and that it was released at the store 100% complete. Then she started talking in English as if she thought that the person talking to her will get intimidated and not talk anymore. To her surprise, I talked to her in straight English, so she went ballistic. She then told me that I was trying to point out to her that she was lying...I told her not. I was trying to explain to her that its part of our investigation however, she kept on talking and talking until our phone conversation got cut off. After that, I asked one of my Riders to deliver the as she claimed, missing two items. Just a couple of minutes after, Rider came back with the items I asked him to bring and approached me. He said that the customer didn't accept the delivery because she was mad. But Rider said that she kind of look like as if she found the supposedly missing items and was just too embarassed to admit it. So she just then rejected the two items I asked the Rider to bring and said that she'll report the incident to our office. To be honest, I felt initially afraid of what she said but then again, I told myself not to. I know that the delivery was complete and nothing was missed out. I hope she gets "karma" for whatever she did.

This is really one hell of an experience...

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