Wednesday, May 21, 2008!

When I was not working for a year, I prayed that I had work. Now that I am working, I am praying that I could at least have a break from it. Hahaha. What an ironic and funny dilemma I have. Anyways, working in Jollibee as one of the Managers isnt really that easy. You have to at least be serious with everything you do and try to concentrate with your goal setting. It's really tough yet challenging. I have never enjoyed my life working until I started working with Jollibee.

Anyways, I just arrived an hour ago from work. I was supposed to go home at 11pm but I came home late because I had to finish some paper works at the store. It's hard but I am really enjoying the job and I love it.

For now, I'll just rest...stop working for a day. Hahaha. Nonsense...

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