Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Am I nonsense?

I have a very close friend of mine...very close one. He has some "crazy attitude problem." Sometimes he's nice to people and most of the time he gets irritated easily and do and say bad things to people and hurt them emotionally. That's one thing I really want to change from him, however this person doesnt want to change. He knows he has a problem with his temper and he is totally aware of what's going on in his life. Its just that he cant help and change himself.

Anyways, I was too tired last night...came home at around 7 pm in the condo from work. I've been at work yesterday for almost 12 hours already and was too exhausted because of too many people coming in to the store. But, anyways...when I came home I texted this friend of mine and ask him how he was doing. He didnt tell me anything except that his place has problems with wiring and almost got caught of fire. I asked him if things are already okay. Then he told me that an electrician came to his place already and checked their wiring. We were just texting and texting...until he changed his mood again and told me that "I am nonsense!" After all the things I've been doing to help him with his problems and other stuff, he'll just say that I am nonsense and that I deserve to be alone. What a comment...did not expect that from him...well, sometimes he does that but this time it really affected me so much. Anyways, I stopped texting him at that moment but before I did, I texted him and told him that "Bahala ka na nga sa buhay mo. Sana di ka karmahin sa mga pinaggagawa mo!"

Despite of all the efforts I did for him...helping him out with a lot of things, he'll just tell me those words?! I think I don't deserve to be treated like that. Am I really a nonsense person? Not worthy of anyone's attention? I don't think I'm like that. I guess, I need to learn how to be strong and not to be so nice with people. I think I really need to learn that. In this kind of world we live in, its a must that we use different masks to different types of people so that you won't get hurt a lot. Haayyy...

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