Thursday, April 24, 2008

Old Mobile Phone - Gone Forever!!!

I once had a Nokia 6600. Bought it when I was still in Convergys, year 2004. Had it for almost four years and now it's GONE...I feel terribly bad about it but I had to let go and start moving on. It has all my contact numbers plus other memories from the past...

My friends, my boss and other people who are close to me kept on telling me that its just a material thing that was lost...well, they are all right. But still you can't just forget something that's been with you for a long time and now it's all gone. Gosh, I've been experiencing a lot of worst things in my life right now. First, my Aunt Lorna...then my phone.

I still have my Smart number so please try to contact me on that number. The Globe one is the one that was lost. Keep in touch guys!

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