Thursday, May 15, 2008

Are you Loved or Needed?

This has always been a question to most couples, especially before marriage relationships. I have always been asking myself with this question and until now I still have yet to find out the right answer. I have had enough experiences with regard to "love" relationships and of course, it didn't last long. Good thing, I guess, I found my soul mate...we're going to celebrate our 4th Year Anniversary this coming May 24th. But sometimes, I tend to ask myself again, do I love the person I love now or do I need my partner other than love? Does my partner ask the same question as I do now? Well, I'm totally perplexed with the way our relationship is going. My partner knows what makes me happy. My partner knows what makes me sad. My partner knows whenever I needed someone to talk to. My partner knows almost everything about me...but I still don't know if those are symbolism of love. Maybe my partner just needs me because of companionship and care. Maybe I just need my partner because of financial reasons...Maybe my partner just needs me because of attention. So many questions yet until now I still don't know the right answer.

Am I loved or just needed? I guess, it's better to say BOTH...I am being LOVED and at the same time NEEDED. I'll just stick to this explanations needed. Hehehe.

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