Thursday, October 1, 2009

1st day of October...

Goodbye September 2009!!! Hello and Welcome October 2009!!!

Its the 1st day of the month of October...4 days more and I will be another year older. Time is really fast. I'm turning 29 this year and up until now I still haven't achieved what I ought to achieve in life. I can say that I already have a stable job, a comfortable place to stay, a lovelife that's full of colorful experiences, friends and family that are so much loving and caring, healthy life and overflowing blessings. But why do I feel like as if I'm still missing something? Why do I always ask myself if there's something I still need to do in order for me to feel satisfied? Why do I still ask why to myself? Why??!!

Time can't really tell you when you will feel satisfied and fulfilled. In most cases, people die without even getting what they wanted while they were still living. Well, I'll just be happy and contented with what I have now and just dream on what I really wanted. Who knows, somehow and someday I would still get what I dream and want. It's a matter of accepting what you have reached so far and not be too ambitious. It's also normal for someone, a human, to never stop dreaming. That's why, I never stop dreaming and believing. Hahaha...I am always not making sense in my blogs.

Anyways, just writing here whatever pops up in my mind. Just 4 more days...

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