Saturday, October 10, 2009

Filipinos - What's happening to us?

Just recently, Metro Manila had experienced one of the worst typhoon ever in the history of the country. It was called typhoon Ondoy. Many houses were destroyed, not because of the strong wind, but the almost waste deep flood or more than that caused by the continuous downpour. They said that all dams nearby had overflown as well, which might have contributed in the flooding. Metro Manila was a disaster. Typhoon Ondoy left a very big scar in most of the families who were affected by it...especially those families who lost their loved ones. They say that its better to lose something because in time you'll have it again...but losing someone is can never bring them back unless you go with them.

While all families in Metro Manila are still recuperating from the comes typhoon Pepeng. Most of the Northern Luzon provinces are in their worst state right now. Why does it always flood so hard in any parts of the country? I just heard from the news a while ago that one mall, i think it was SM Mall in Rosales was head-deep flooded leaving almost 1,000 people stuck in the mall since Thursday. Benguet, on the other hand, experienced landslides killing so many people.

There is really something wrong here...we must do something to stop this from happening. Is Mother Nature really in pain now? Did we hurt her? I think, all of us know the answer to these questions. I'm sure that all of us know how and when to act in order to refrain all these calamities from happening. Come to think of it, these calamities aren't caused by Mother Nature's wrath...but its all man-made calamities...its all of us to be blamed for.

If we have trees...i think, flooding would be lessened. If we stop throwing garbage anywhere, nothing would block our sewage system. If we stop using chemicals that deplete the ozone layer, i guess, worse climate change would be prevented. If we discipline ourselves and love our nature, i think, Mother Nature will not need to fight back to defend herself.

I used to love the rain...but now, i feel the opposite. Hope that there'll come a time that I will start loving the rain again.

Let's all pray for those people who are in pain now...those who lost their families...those who are suffering from a disease...those who are in their lowest lows right now. Prayers can help most of the time. Believing in HIM, never fails.

Hope I am making sense now.


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I hope our Government should focus more on Green projects that will encourage citizens to take more care about mother nature to avoid calamities like floods.

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