Monday, December 28, 2015

A Memorable Christmas Celebration In Wetaskiwin (Year 2015) - Late Post

It's my 2nd Christmas here in Canada...the first one, I celebrated it just at home with no one (that was when I was still staying in a different house). I slept it over and that's it. Then February of this same year, Migs and I decided to leave our former house and transferred to a new one. From this new house, I was able to meet very nice people: Ate Girly, the very famous "Chef of the House", a lovely and always happy person, and a very supportive and a caring friend and sister to all of us. Ate Cathy, a thoughtful and a supportive person who never forget to give me spiritual advices and moral support whenever I feel down. Ate Connie (who may not be always around because of her very hectic schedule at work), is the ever young looking lady in the house and will always be ready to listen to your problems when you get to spend some "serious" time with her. She also has the unforgettable laugh you'll ever hear from anyone. Loisa, who, we all call in the house as "Bunso" since she is the youngest among the housemates. She is the most funny person I have ever met with a signatured high pitched voice. You will know from the room that she is in the living room or kitchen just by hearing her voice. Jake, although, I wasn't really able to talk to him that much, is one of the coolest guys I have ever met. Always happy and will always share his Korean food to everyone. Ate Ana, who I always talk about life and love. Always have lots of things to say about it and how to deal with it. And of course, my two adoptive siblings here in Canada, Migs and Rona. Migs, whom I have been living in one house for the past 1 year and 4 months since we arrived here in Canada and Rona, who had become my closest friend at work and soon became my housemate just this November, are the two most treasured friends I have here in Canada. They are always there for me and have always been supportive of me. ---- I thought that I will never have the chance to spend Christmas with these important people since I had to migrate to another side of Canada for a new employment opportunity. But I had to come back because I know for sure that spending Christmas with them will be a memorable, it will be Rona's birthday celebration as well. So then came Christmas Eve...Rona prepared and cooked most of the food while some were prepared by Ate Cathy and Ate Connie. We had visitors as well from Lacombe (mostly Ate Cathy's colleagues from Dairy Queen: Christian, Jayar, Richel, Mark, Baby Avery, Lowell and Cris) who also brought some food with them. Loisa decorated the house. There were lots of food that night and we were all stuffed. My Tim Hortons friends also came (Iane, Mark, Gemma and her boyfriend, Matthew). It was really a fun night. Ate Cathy also prepared some games and everybody joined it. All singing wannabe's (hehehe) also had the chance to flaunt their singing voices through the videoke box brought by Loisa. The experience was really fun and memorable. My decision to come back here in Wetaskiwin and celebrate Christmas with my friends was really the best decision I have ever made. I will definitely miss these people once I leave Wetaskiwin for good. Thank you so much for all the great memories. Well, I still have the New Year's Eve to celebrate with them. Until my next blog post.

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