Thursday, March 8, 2007

Finding a Job

Its been a long time since I resigned from my previous job...around 8 months already. Those months were really fantastic months for me since I was able to enjoy a life without being bossed out or pressured with lots of work. But, in all honesty...I miss everything about it.

This time, I have decided to find a new job. Something that I really love doing. My new business is all okay and I will let my brother handle it for me. I trust him so much that I know when the business is in his will never fail. My friends are all in the business too...for sure they will not let it fail.

I'm on my way now to find a job...a new journey will begin for me.


audioangel said...

goodluck archie! i'm sure you'll do great in anything you set your heart to. Ü

==DYaN== said...

hey archie... you wanna kiss me,you wanna hug me... hehehehehe.. anway im so happy for you. i know exactly how u felt when you said that you enjoyed the feeling of not being bossed lovin it...the new found freedom and i dont have to kiss assed my boss or other people. hope to see you soon.