Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Insomnia Strikes Back!

My insomnia is back again...

I've had great nights last month because my sleeping habits had gone back to normal. I was sleeping at 10 PM...latest would be 12 AM and automatically wakes up at 8 or 9 am. Everything was working fine during the month of February. But now, my insomnia strikes back.
I don't know why...well, I guess I have been thinking a lot of things the past few days. Business is going strong and thank God we already have more than 5 tutees (that means more income, hehehe) Things are going well also with the condominium. Everythings' on the right track. But I'm thinking a lot about the future...what will happen next week or next month. I keep on planning ahead of time so as to be prepared with "unexpected problems." It is really too hard...so difficult when you are just doing it by yourself without any help from anyone. Planning definitely is the most difficult part when you want to have your life be on the right direction. That's what's making me so busy...that makes me think a lot...that's definitely the cause of my insomnia.

It's actually a bit surprising because whenever I check my friendster's horoscope, it keeps on telling me to just relax and give myself a break. I did allot some time for relaxation but my sleeping pattern still sucks. Brian told me to try sleeping pills but I really dont want to take any of those "untrusted" pills (well, doctors recommend it for insomnia so they trust it but not me) Oh God, what's wrong with me?!!!

Well, its already 2 AM and I'm still not sleepy. I have to do some errands later, around 9 am (good luck!) Anybody here who has suggestions? Please let me know so that I could bring back my life to normal.


Anonymous said...

I also suffer with insomnia, i failed my exams at school and you shouldnt trust the pills, who knows what the side effects are.

syasz said...

hi! actually, i don't have any brilliant solutions, coz I myself haven't found any cure for my insomina problem. It usually only occurs when I'm at home though. Life in campus demands me moving around, so maybe I got tired enough to fall asleep easily. But at home, I sometimes don't sleep at all during the night, and I can't seem to be tired enough for me to take a nap during the day. God! But now I know what my problem is. I have to sleep earlier than everyone else, coz I've finally realized that I can't fall asleep when it's too darn quiet. And I also sleep easier with the light on. I happen to fall asleep much easier when I'm watching tv, too. So what I did is I lay on the couch or on the bed watching tv, and set the tv timer on for 30 minutes or so, and watch tv silently until I fall asleep right there in front of the tv. I mean, hey, at least I got to sleep. I've read about insomnia as well, and they suggest you don't do activities such as watching tv before going to sleep, but uh, I guess that doesn't apply to everyone. Everyone's habit and problems differ, so I'm afraid the solution of this problem will be very much different as well. I suggest you try pinpointing your problem and talk it out with a friend or anything. Sorry if I'm not of much help, just wanna share something. =)