Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Business -- Closed Until Holy Week

I have been in our house in Mandaluyong since Saturday morning, last week. One of Brian's friends from the US is currently staying and renting the condominium. He will stay there until next month. So I'm stuck here in the house...well, on the lighter side, I'm glad that I am here since I am able to be with my parents, lola and brother again. I haven't been to my parent's house for a long time. I always see my brother at the Tutorial Center because he is managing the business but not my mom, dad and lola. So, it's really nice to be with them again.

It's also a good time to spend my whole month here with my family since the tutorial center is closed until holy week. My tutors, brother and I have decided to have a break since it's the end of school year and summer vacation has just started. Generally, its an off-peak season for most tutorial centers since most of the students are off to their provinces for vacation. So its better to just close the center until holy week to at least save money for transportation (hehehe!) and electricity (hahaha) But come this 2nd week of April, business will resume. I just pray that we'll have some students who will need summer advance classes this coming month...

By the way, I'm a bit desperate right now to get a job and start working again. It's really been a long time since I resigned from my previous job. I have to start working again...I already applied to different companies and I'm just waiting for their call. Hope someone will hire me soon. Whoever knows a nice job (hope, its not a call center job) please let me know...I will apply to it.

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