Sunday, April 8, 2007

How was your Holy Week?

How was your Holy Week?

Well, if you'll ask me...i dont really know how or what I felt during the week. Holy Maundy, I went back to condominium in Malate to handle and fix some important things there. Then I went to Leo's house in Las Pinas and stayed there for the night. I woke up in the morning the following day to renew our Business Permit at the Las Pinas City Hall and passed some requirements at the Sanitation Department. Then I went to SM Southmall with Michael, a friend of Leo's to deposit the payment for our rent in our business place. I hope I got the correct account number or else, good luck to me! Then after depositing the money, Michael and I played billiards for an hour. I went back to Leo's house and stayed there for the night. That was Holy Tuesday.

Holy Wednesday - I went back home in Mandaluyong and arrived at the house at around 9 pm. I stayed at Leo's house the whole day of Wednesday...played billiards and went to a Videoke house in Paranaque along with Erwin. I didnt really expect that there were still some Videoke houses that were open that time since its a Holy Wednesday already. Anyways, we sang a lot of songs there and stayed there for almost 2 hours. We had a very nice dinner at Leo's house at that time --- adobong pusit and boiled tahong. I ate a lot. While we were having our dinner, Edward texted us and invited us to go with him in their house in Mexico, Pampanga. I told him that we (Erwin, Leo and I) dont have budget for the said trip. Then Edward said that he'll take care of the food and place to stay. So the next morning, we went to Pampanga.

Holy Thursday - I woke up so early because I was excited to go to Pampanga again. It's been 6 years since I last went to Edward's place. I called Erwin early in the morning to check where he was...he told me that he was on his way to Boni, Mandaluyong. Leo, just woke up and was preparing for the trip too. He was in Mandaluyong too but staying in his "special friend's" house. We all met at Jollibee, Boni Branch and went straight to Victory Liner in Cubao. That's where we will meet Edward. We arrived at the bus terminal at around 9 am and saw a lot of people inside. I guess they are all going to Baguio because the line going to Baguio ticket counter was really long. But it says on the ticket counter that all buses going to Baguio on that day were all fully booked. Well, anyways, I never tried asking which line was that...our concern was just the line for Olongapo trip (it's the only route in Victoria Liner that pass by SM San Fernando, Pampanga) We waited for almost 5 hours for the bus going to Olongapo since there were a lot of people going to the provinces and all buses were all out. Anyways, it was a smooth travel from Manila to Pampanga. Randy, picked us up at SM San Fernando and drove us to Edward's place with his car. We arrived at Edward's place at around 3 pm. We were too hungry and tired...good thing, Edward's mom prepared Lunch. I ate a lot again. I guess, I am gaining a lot of weight now...I have to go to the gym. Moving on, we went to the "peryahan" near Edward's place and played some games there. Unfortunately, I didnt get any price. I heard some people singing the "pasyon" when we passed by a basketball court near the "peryahan." After the "perya", we decided to play "balut" (its a card game wherein you'll be given 3 cards that you need to match with the cards being shown by the gamemaster. If you get to match first all three cards with those being shown by the gamemaster, you'll be given 3 baluts for a price) for a while and took some pictures. That was my very first time to play that kind of game. I never won any game, unlike Edward who was so lucky and brought home with him 9 baluts. Hahaha. Although we were too tired at that time because of the travel, we still decided to drink beer until early in the morning of Holy Friday.

Holy Friday - we all just stayed in Edward's place and played with the kids. At long last, I was able to meet and talk to my "inaanak" from Edward's sister. His name is Dave. He is already 5 or 6 years old. We were supposed to visit some churches there in Pampanga with Randy but we cancelled it for some reason. Randy was tired and cant really drive anymore. We decided to stay in the house and played with the kids. I felt so bad right now because I never even remembered that it was a Holy Friday and that I should be praying and asking for forgiveness. Instead, we played games with the kids and drank beer with some friends of Edwards' during the night. I was even too drunk at that time to stand and wake up the following day. By the way, I get to meet Erlan again after 6 years. He is Edward's friend.

Black Saturday - I woke up with a very painful headache and too nauseous to stand and walk. I did my best not to vomit...well, i never vomitted as far as I can remember. Anyways, Erwin said that he is going to his friend in Nueva Ecija this afternoon. Marialyn, Erwin's friend was texting him since yesterday and inviting him to go to their place. I told Erwin that I am not really feeling well and cant go with him. But he said that Marialyn was inviting us all and that her family prepared something for us. So I stood up from bed and prepared for the trip. Leo was already taking a bath at that time. Edward didnt go with us because he has to go back in Manila that day. So we bid goodbye to Edward and his family, and of course to my "inaanak." We arrived at Marialyn's house in Cabiao, Nueva Ecija at around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. I saw a lot of food in the table and ate a lot again. Hahaha. I'm already bloated. Then after eating lunch, Marialyn gave us a tour of their Mango farm. We stayed there for one night and left Nueva Ecija this afternoon.

Easter Sunday - I woke up late in the morning. Leo woke me up and told me that they were all eating "brunch" already. We were in a hurry because Leo has previous engagement that he needs to attend to in Manila at 4 pm. While we were eating "brunch", Leo told me that I was snoring. I got so surprised because I seldom snore or even never according to my friends. Hahaha. I guess, they were all being nice to me and dont want to hurt my feelings. Hope I dont snore badly. Anyways, we left Nueva Ecija at around 12 in the afternoon and bid farewell to Marialyn and her parents. They gave us some mangoes for "pasalubong."
I arrived here in the house at 4 pm without even remembering that it was Nico, my nephew's and Leander, my cousin's birthday yesterday. I kissed my nephew and greeted him a happy birthday and texted my cousin to greet him as well. Nico's parents prepared pancit for my nephew and some pastries. Again, I ate a lot and felt so tired and sleepy. I was supposed to go to the church at 5 pm to attend the mass and meet Aileen afterwards but wasnt able to do so since I fell asleep and woke up at 8 pm. I really feel bad because I wasnt able to go to the church.

Well, this is my story for the whole week. I dont really know what I felt the entire week because deep inside me, I feel so bad enjoying and having fun while most of the people in the country were thinking of Jesus Christ's death. I feel so guilty, most especially because of not able to attend the mass today. I am so bad...

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