Thursday, February 8, 2007

Dont Give Up by Josh Groban

I dont know why Josh Groban's songs always struck me. With songs like "The Prayer" with Charlotte Church, "You're Still You" and "To Where You Are"...all of these songs have given me lots of inspiration, motivated me and lifted my soul.

Now, he has a new album called "AWAKE" which has the best songs ever. Some or I believe most of the songs were composed by Josh Groban himself. If you have time, please try to listen to his newly released single, "You Are Loved (Don't Give Up)"... This song will encourage you to move on with your life. It'll wake your senses and give you a realization that life isn't just about having a stable career and earning a lot money. But it'll tell you one of the most important reasons why we are living...that is to share your life with people, not only with those people you care most but those people who needed you more than you need them. It'll tell you that no matter what happens, there will always be someone who will LOVE you and will CARE for you. Well, this is how the song affected me, I don't know about YOU.

We need to survive for other people to survive too. It's just a chain of life...


==DYaN== said...

I also like him..its my pampatulog songs... i realy like ur still u and the prayer. grabe..sad.mwaah.cheers!

==DYaN== said...

I like him too.One of my pamatulog songs!I love ur still you and the paryer.very soothing and so bored and im so sinisipag mag and cheers