Saturday, February 10, 2007


Well, I am a very friendly person that's why I have abundant friends, either it be just pure acquaintances or serious and real friends. But anyways, since I have lots of friends and that I have been a BUM for a long time, I get to meet some of them and hang out with them. I really appreciate them inviting me over to their parties and other gatherings...and I enjoy being with them. It's just that whenever I am with them, I seem to hear a lot of their problems and struggles in life. So my normal reaction to it is that I tend to give advices and/or opinions which I find so strange...because I have lots of problems of my own. Funny thing, until now I'm still struggling to find ways on how to solve it.

Anyways, it feels good that people trust you with their secrets and ask for your advice regarding lots of things but I just can't help but think, why am I good at giving advices yet I don't know how to give advices to myself? Why is it so easy for me to think of solutions to someone else's problems? Why am I not able to solve my own problems? Isn't it too ironic?

Well, I guess I have to change the scene now whenever I meet them. I guess, this is the best time for me to ask help from my's the best time for me to talk to them about my life and be more open about it. It's the best time for me to listen to what they will say and try to grasp and understand everything. I know advices aren't really good...sometimes it makes our lives more complicated. But I think I need some right now.

Help, guys!!!

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