Friday, February 23, 2007

Welcome to the World of Entrepreneurship

<------- Just a glimpse of the outside

I have been trying to keep this as a secret because I dont want to preempt it. But since its already confirmed and its already operating...I should now call myself a "Boss of my own Business!"

At long last! After a couple of weeks of processing all the papers and buying all the things needed for the business...I have finally established a business that I can call my own. This has been a dream come true. Anyways, its just a small business but I know with the help of my brother, Jonathan, Brian, parents and the rest of the guys who are helping me out on this business, it will be as successful as any other big businesses here in the Philippines.

If you happen to know anyone who needs educational nurturing or help with regard to their acads, most especially in Math and Physics, just give me a call or text at 09196707889. I have wonderful teachers (not sure if they want me to disclose their names here) in the business who are most welcome to help you appreciate the subjects/courses you are having difficulty with.

I guess you are all getting what the nature of my business is...yes, its a Tutorial Center (FoG Tutorial Center) based in BF Resort Village, Las Pinas. So if you live nearby and needed a "tutor", dont hesitate to give me a call or text. I might even give you a big discount. We are accepting advance learning classes this coming summer and reviews for entrance exams (high school and college) We operate from Monday to Friday but no specific office hours since we will all have to depend on the class schedules of each tutees.

Hahaha...this blog sounds like an advertisement already. Well, I intended this blog as a "commercial blog" and at the same time an announcement blog to all my friends who have been so curious asking me what's really making me so busy these past few weeks. Here it is guys!

I know it will be a tough career for me but I will do my best to make this work and run the business as robust as Henry Sy (God help me! Sana lang walang kokontra!) By the way, there's a reason behind the "business name"...if you want to know more about it ask Leo or Erwin. Hehehe. Hope you know them.

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