Sunday, February 11, 2007

Reminiscing the Past...

Reminiscing the past...well its nice to rekindle some past experiences especially if those were really interesting and fun. I had a great night yesterday because I was able to visit my former dormitory in UP Diliman. When I was still studying in the university, I stayed in an old building, the NARRA Residence Hall. It's an exclusive dormitory for male students of UP Diliman.

Anyways, I was with Leo yesterday and he told me that he will go to UP Diliman to bring something for Kiko. Because of not having been there for a long time, I decided to join him and went there from Las Pinas. It was really a tiring ride from the almost southernmost part of Manila to the northernmost part of the region. Leo and I were able to get a cab from Las Pinas and it cost me a lot for the fare...

Well, we arrived in UP Diliman at around 8:30 in the evening. We waited for Kiko at Philcoa Jollibee Branch. Just after 15 minutes, I guess, we saw Kiko outside waiving at us with Anton. I felt happy seeing them again after a long time. They told me that Narra is having their OPEN HOUSE that night. Leo told me that he informed me about it but I cant really remember him telling me that. Anyways, I felt a bit bad because I didnt bring my camera with me...and I was only holding my very cheap Nokia 1110i and left my phone camera in my condo. So it was a little frustrating though...I kept on blaming Leo and Leo kept on telling me that he infomed me about it. I guess it was my fault...I'm so damn deaf!

Moving on...Leo, Kiko, Anton and I went to a nearby Jeepney Station from Philcoa. While walking towards the station, we saw Christian who's a former dormmate of ours too. I think Kiko informed him about the activity in Narra so he decided to come too. So we all went straight to Narra and arrived there after a 10 to 15 minute ride.

Every year, the management opens their dormitory to all visitors. All people can go inside the vicinity of the dorm and hang out with the other dormers in their respective rooms. Usually, Narrehans (that's how we call students staying in the dorm) will just invite their friends and/or relatives and prepare some food for all the visitors. So you will see a lot of rooms with lots of people inside it eating and drinking beer. The Open House is usually held at the last day of the week-long activity of the dormitory. I was once an organizer of the Narra Open House. That was way back 2001 when I was elected as a Secretary of the Narra House Council.

Moving on again...when I first entered the lobby of the dorm, it kind of struck me. Struck me in a sense that it brought back all the good memories I've had in the dormitory. I used to stay in the lobby and sit in one of the old chairs there with my fellow Narrehans. We always sing there while looking at all the people who pass by the entrance door. I saw the paging system, the same old paging system I once used to call the residents. Well, there were lots of new things in the lobby...the television area is already there (before its located in Wing 3) and a small room for I guess studying or conference room. We went inside the hall of the dormitory and saw lots of familiar former Narrehans, alumni of the dorm. I felt so happy chatting with them again. Its been ages since I last saw them. Anyways, the dorm was having a mini concert at the basketball court and there were just a few people (dormers and visitors) watching the bands. I watched a bit of the concert and decided to walk around the dormitory with Leo, Kiko, Christian and Anton. We passed by one room with lots of people inside it...then I heard someone calling me. It was friend from the dorm. I used to hang out with him and other fellow Narrehans (Rykiel, Jack, Ron and Jay) He invited us inside his room. They were drinking beer, I guess. He introduced us to his pretty girlfriend and his other friends in the room. We stayed there for a couple of hours drinking beer and chatting with them. We sang songs while Rommel plays the guitar.

I left the dormitory quite late, I guess 4 in the morning. I took a cab with Kiko and Christian going home. Kiko and Christian got off the cab first because they live nearby and I was left in the cab with the driver. I felt like talking to the driver since I was so drunk...I told him that I might puke so I asked him to drive slowly. He told me that he's only running at 30...that was really slow. Well, I arrived in the condo after an hour trip from UP Diliman. This time...I was able to sleep instantly and had not been bothered with insomnia.

It was really an interesting night...a night full of good memories from the past.

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